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The trading of binary options offered by Porter Finance is such a way that is greatly straightforward and a highly ideal way to capitalizing on the fluctuations of market globally. The binary option that is considered to be the most famous of all is the high-low binary option. In this there is a prediction involved that whether the price of an asset is supposed to rise in a specific predetermined frame of time or it is to fall. If it is believed by a trader that the asset’s price is more likely to rise, there is to be chosen the option of all; while if he thinks that the price of asset is more likely to fall, then the option of put is to be selected. Such types of Binary Options facilitate the customers a lot and they always appreciate these binary options offered by the Porter Finance and this ads up to the positive reviews of the Porter Finance.

More about Binary Options of Porter Finance:

The option of high low is also supposed to be called a fixed option of return. This is due to the time as well as the date for the expiry of the option and the price of the strike is also fixed and cannot be changed. The frames of time can be varying starting from minutes up to the long termed options that can be spanning several numbers of months. Strike Price is that particular price offered by Porter Finance, at which the option was originally considered and bought and then disclosed from the outer side. It allows the traders for making a decision that is informed already. This is quite feasible for the traders and they mention it in the positive reviews of Porter Finance. For the trading with the high low options outside the country of America, the price of strike is to be based upon the price that is currently tagged on the assets available in the market; for instance, A stock of Google. In short words, the trader of Porter Finance is making prediction whether the price in future with either be high or low than the price that is currently tagged by the time of expiry.


If the traders are having wagers in a correct manner and the price of the asset is supposed to be on the right side of the price of strike by the expiry time, the trade is supposed to be profitable as well as there is received a fixed amount of payout by the trader. However, if the situation is like the trader has been making a prediction that proves to be incorrect then the sum of investment gets lost.

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There are a number of options for trading the binary options offered by the Porter Finance and they are always supposed to be feasible for the clients and customers of the company and they consider it to be a plus point of the Porter finance.

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With the lack of real need to write articles about top binary options robots,and reviews such as boss capital review, in which I would badmouth and spit on one of them, I decided to share some knowledge about this rather weakly covered subject.

No one will tell you when to trade and how to trade. Yes, they will write about all of that, but none of them will tell you to follow their path. They know that we are not all the same, and no matter how many strategies you copy from someone if you dont have same level of risk management those strategies will fail. This article will help you understand some fine lines of managing both money and risk.


First thing to learn is to keep your risk constant no matter the trade outcome. The majority of traders keep increasing the amount of money they place per trade as their account grows. That is wrong way of trading, as they keep increasing the risk, and the effect few losses can do to their account. The secret is in keeping risk same through the trading. Well, if you trade well, then there is a point where you can start putting more money in those trades. Most of the experienced traders say that once you increase your account balance 2 or 3 times. Until them, same amount of risk should be practiced.

People who manage to hit a streak of victories have their level of confidence boosted through the roof. Which is normal. But, some of those traders forget about risk management and start entering larger positions, investing more and more of their money until their streak ends. Traders that have experience and good risk management will keep their risk same, even tohugh they are getting profit trade after trade. When that streak ends, they continue trading as nothing happened, while on the other side traders that have increased their stakes, end with trades that cause big losses.

Another secret I use when trading has its connection with keeping same risk level. Withdrawaing money from forrex account and keeping same amount on the balance may seem stupid, but it lowers the chance of forgeting risk management. Keep withdrawing money every month, or every 15 days, depending how much you earn , and keep the original amount on the account. And never increase your risk. But, before you start this, you have to build your account to the point where you are satisfied with money you have. And where your deisred risk level is small compared to total balance of the account. After that, all the money you earn over that amount shoudlbe withdrawn.


8226770Moving a stop/loss to a breakeven is a mistake that can cripple your account balance. Well you can do that, but only if there is a logical reason, you are sure of, that can influence your trade. If you do that without that kind of reason, you are lowering the chance of your edge working in your favour. As a forex trader you should know that you are lose trades, and lose a lot of them. But if you know how to trade, then you can win every now and then and still make profit.


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Guide, list, tips, guidelines or advice. Call the contect of this article in whatever fashion you desire. It doesn’t matter. This article will have some information that can help in trading, and that is the most important thing.

Stupidity on the market isnt the trait of good traders. Fools enter random trades and it isn’t surprise when they lose money. But traders that panic when they can’t find good signals, and enter in trades that don’t correlate with a trade plan or any strategy . Those trades are doomed from the beginning, and if a trader continues to do them, he is also doomed.

– Patience is the key to success and you have to learn to love it. Patience comes in many different forms, and it doesn’t have to be only boredom. Find some relaxing music and wait calmly for your edge to play out. It can be hard, to be patient, especially if larger amount of money is involved, but over-reaction is always bad. Don’t let different urges beat down the patience in you, in that way they will beat your chance to earn.

– Don’t expect to win every single trade, because if you know how to trade you will be in the money even with few losses. To be exact you can have more losses than trades and still have profit. This can be done through good risk management, and good trading strategies. For more information go to the web and read few articles on this subject written by Nial Fuller.

 Don’t resent losses, learn to love them and draw the best out of them. Every loss gives you information, and when you compare it with other losses and your wins you will see where mistakes were made, and what you can do to avoid making them in other trades. So, don’t ignore losses, learn from them. And don’t lose patience if you lose few times in row, retain your composure and analyze those trades as well as you can.

– Keep on reading books about trading. That should never stop no matter how much trading experience you have gathered. Many traders stop improving after they start trading and that is their biggest mistake. Forex changes, and if you don’t keep up with it you will get rusty, which leads to bad performance on it.
– Having a wall poster for trading may sound stupid, but in reality it can only help. That poster should contain all the goals you have acheived and the current goal you are aiming at. Some great phrases that drive you forward should be written there too. Reading everything on that poster before trading is a good way to boost your confidence and enter on the forex will positive mindset each and every time. You can even put this into your plan, in order to avoid forgetting about it.
– Reading about top 10 binary robots in binary option robot reviews or brokers will tell you what to be careful about, when you look for a good broker for forex.

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Forex is known around the globe, and there is a lot of common knowledge everyone knows. But a good portion of that knowledge is false, but people still believe in it. It could be due to people misunderstanding others as they explain, or it could be due to wrong facts gaining coverage, while true facts remain in the shadow of the false facts. I, through the righting power that I possess, will strike these false truths with the hammer of reality, and uncover what happens beneath them.

Some people, few of them being retired traders are giving out the advice to focus on pips while trading, instead of dollars. This, as they say, will keep you emotionally unattached to trades, and therefore you will be able to fully focus on trading. That should sound stupid to everyone. If it doesn’t then there are some problems with you.

If you are trading for anything apart from making money, then you are not meant to be on forex market. You are not there to gather pips, you are there to make profit. And because money is, or should be, your main goal, not watching how much money is on the trade, and how much you are risking is plainly stupid. Number of the pips in the trade doesn’t equal the amount of dollars. High number of pips doesn’t have to represent large amount of money. The size of the position dictates that. Not looking into how much money you trade with is a good way to screw yourself over.images16

Some traders advice others to limit the percentage of the total amount of money on your balance which should go in every trade. Most of them say that each trade should take only 1 or 2 percents of the account balance. This is sound advice if you can keep yourself from going too much under the beginning balance. If you lose half of your balance with this kind of trading ( which means you are bad trader ), then coming back to the original amount will take long time, too long for some. That happens due to percentage. It will be halved down, making profit halved down too.

If you want to limit yourself from over-trading, then find how much is 1 or 2 percentage of your starting amount, and invest that amount in every trade. If you start with 10 000 dollars ,and you trade 200 dollars per trade, keep investing that amount even if your balancedrops down to 5 000.

Another belief that is widely considered sound is about wider stops increasing the risk, while smaller stops decrease the risk on the trade. To explain why this is false it would take two or three of articles of this size. Your risk can be same amount of money, and you can still adjust where you will place stop/loss order. For more info about this go look for articles from Niel Fuller. He explains this in nice fashion.


Some believe that currency pairs can be traded as options, and that good money can be earned through brokers like TropicalTrade. Well it can’t, because trading options doesn’t have any real connection to forex currency pairs. Its more of gambling, where you have chances to win a bet, rather to profit from trade.

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I am not a fan of long and boring introductions, and I will avoid writing one. This article contains some tips that can help you improve your trading on forex market. Follow them or not, is your choice to make.

  • Don’t make long term goals, and only focus on achieving them. It is better to have short terms goals, and after achieving one just set another, a bit harder that previous one. And work like that. You can have one long term goal, but it should be in the background of everything else. If forex trading is your side job, don’t make a goal of it becoming your primary source of income. Just trade, and you will notice the moment when it turns to real thing.


  • Keep the trading as simple as possible. This includes everything that is connected to forex trading. Reseach should be simple and focused, as well as trading strategy. You should even sort out you thoughts about trading and avoid overthinking. Even thinking too much about trading will put unnecessary pressure on you. That is not the point of trading.
  • Take a lot of time before actual trading to learn about it. Keep on educating yourself even after you start it. Don’t throw your money at everything you think will be a good investment. Learn one or two trade plans and stick to them. After some time you can start evolving them into something bigger.

  • Don’t get too excited about trading, it leads to mistakes. Trading with small signals, or without any signals is sure proof that you are getting reckless. If you notice that in time you can prevent it by taking few days away from the market and cooling down a bit.


  • If you get frustrated by how the market works, or even worse you get confused with different price movements and trends, then step away from it. The frustration and confusion can come from the outside, but avoiding forex while you are like that i still the best advice. These emotions lead to mistakes you wouldnt make with clear head.
  • Don’t trade too much. No matter what you think trading more than once per day, and only one trade per day too. Everything more than that is too much. If you can’t trade like that, then think about having trade weeks in the month. During those weeks you can trade more, but during the rest of the month no trading at all.

  • Once the trade is set and it goes live, stop thinking about it. Yes, you can follow it and see where it goes, but don’t think about what you could have done differently. That trade is behind you and only other thing you can do is to write down details about that trade to use as reference for other trades in future.
  • Not thinking about sites like Boss Capital, is generally considered a good way of saving your money, and using it for forex trading.
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Making Money Online

Posted By on Nov 29, 2015

There are really many ways of earning money online. One of the best ways is applying for jobs on some online page which is offering job like Here you can select all sorts of your skills and you can apply for jobs there. Your skills can span from programming, web developing, article writing, graphic design etc. These skills are the most payable these days. At start it is very difficult but as time progresses you are gaining some experience and you can eventually apply for more jobs. This is a great thing for a new worker like you. One of the best things when it comes to these pages is that you can apply for a job directly from your home and you can stay relaxed without getting some anxiety like working in some company.

Man holding tablet computer in cafe

You can earn on all sorts of various ways like buying and reselling some stuff on eBay and Amazon. The best innovations in these days are definitely books, virtual books which you can sell online. Most people in these days order their own book from these sites and they get it on their home address and this is very simple. You can sell your own products anywhere in the whole world. Just say it and your desired product will come to you with a simple click.

The other interesting way of using your creativity and ingenuity is definitely blogging where you are writing your own blog and make some interesting stuff. Blogs are very popular these days because people enjoy reading something interesting. They are writing mostly about their everyday life and similar things. Most popular blogs are about fashion, music, technology etc. and their owners are making big sums of money out of commercials which is a very interesting way of earning money.

Another similar way of making money online is owning your YouTube channel. Most of them are about music and covers of popular songs but also you can make all sorts of videos on various subjects and everything depends from your own creativity and ingenuity. IF you are enjoying in your job then only sky is the limit. YouTube personalities become very well-known and popular. They are making all sorts of commercials and advertisement for their supporters and their money donators.


Presentation-Forex_Trading_Platform The most interesting way of making money is of course buying and selling stocks, money and all sorts of other valuable material. This is a real deal and real money making. These things are functioning on the very same bases of the capitalism which are based on the supply and demand. The best trade is made on money and gold. Currencies are very popular trading material these days and you can join in to some big broker houses in the world and trade with them. You need intelligence in this business and some luck to. This is sometimes science and sometimes luck. It is functioning like gambling. The best page online for this sorts of money making is
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